Eldin’s Crown Caverns – Volvagia Emerges

…The adventurers slowly pass through the large carved door into a new chamber, nearly-circular and far larger than the majority of the previous rooms in the volcanic cavern. A narrow path where the door rested led into a black stone platform, surrounded by a large pool of magma that cascaded through cracks in the chamber walls. Along the walls – impressively tall and framing the high-ceiling – a weathered carving of a serpentine dragon being slain by the stylized figures of Gorons created an impressive mural despite its time-worn fragmentation.

Once the last of the group files through the massive portal, the door suddenly and aggressively slams behind them, the heavy rock sealing shut and causing a violent enough shake to loosen a stream of magma from the walls, redirecting the flaming river into a curtain of molten rock that makes the doorway impassible. Ahead of them, atop the circular stage, twelve geysers suddenly spring to life, shooting pillars of flame that jettison high enough to nearly blaze the ceiling, illuminating the chamber in vivid orange before the fonts settle back into their recessed, rocky holes. Mere seconds later, an echoing hiss slithers through the massive theater, growing deeper and deeper in tandem with rumbling rocks as they begin to crumble off of the ceiling, narrowly missing the idle adventurers.

As the hissing increases in volume and the crashing of rocks becomes nearly overwhelming to the adventurers’ senses, a behemoth, serpentine creature rapidly twists out of one of the geyser holes, winding several feet into the air as its blood-red scales glow with magmatic furor. Atop its stone-mask, a fiery mane blazed brightly, billowing through the air in synchronization with the dancing movements of the dragon. Impossibly maneuvering through the air with intimidating grace, the ancient lava dragon turns his piercing emerald eyes onto the intruders, screeching a roaring hiss before twisting towards them!

Keep track of Eldin’s Crown here: Eldin’s Crown


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