Patch Notes – 10.11.2015


-Song of Storms has been removed from Songweaver.

-Replacing Song of Storms, the Dirge of Malediction has been added to the Songweaver’s kit. The skill functions as follows:

  • Dirge of Malediction: The Songweaver plays a disheartening dirge that hexes a target, causing them to take bonus damage equal to 15% of the Songweaver’s Competency Score each time they are struck for 3 rounds. This skill may be cast once every 8 rounds.


-The Music Box House has been added, where songs can be bound to instruments. Check it out here: Music Box House.

-The Tier 4 Armory has been added.

-The Tier 4 Weapon Shop has been added.

-The Enchantment Shop has been added. Check it out here: Enchantment Shop.

-The Auction House has been added. Check it out here: Auction House.

-Harp has been renamed to Lyre.

-Bell has been replaced by the Violin.

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