Patch Notes – 7.29.2015


-Beedle’s inventory has been rotated.

-The Tier 3 Weapon Shop has been added.

-The Tier 3 Armory has been added.


-Immobile has been added to Crowd Control effects.

-A new Combat Rotation guide has been added in Site Information.

-Surprise/Sneak Attack formulas were added to Advanced Combat Information. The formula is as follows:

    • Surprise Attacks follow the same formula as Sneak, but do not suffer armor penalties. If a Surprise Attack succeeds, it is an automatic critical hit! Generally the GM determines whether or not a Surprise Attack can qualify, and generally only one Surprise Attack can occur per fight since other enemies are alterted and can no longer be Surprised. On occasion a player must Sneak first before they attack, which counts as a Sneak Attack instead. Sneak Attacks follow the Sneak formula – including armor penalties – but the player automatically attacks with a critical hit if they pass their Sneak check.
  • Both Surprise and Sneak Attacks may be done as a Team Attack. The players’ Sneak skills are combined and take the standard Team Attack success penalty. If the players pass the Team Sneak Attack, their Team Attack criticals.

Scholar: Battle Tactics has received a nerf to Offensive and Defensive tactics. Offensive tactic now grants a 20% damage boost down from 25%, and Defensive tactic now grants a 20% Defensive boost down from 25%.
-Two new T3 skills were added for Analyst.
    • Brilliant Observations: If the Analyst’s Competency score is higher than the enemy’s, the Analyst gains +10% evasiveness and +5% accuracy against the enemy.Rupee Cost: 300
  • Competent: The Analyst gains a +20% increase to all Competency checks, and enemies suffer -20% Competency when performing a check against the Analyst. This number is a modifier and does not increase the Analyst’s base score, and thus it does not affect skills such as Brilliant Observations.Rupee Cost: 300

-Two new T3 skills were added for Visimorph.

    • Gibdo Mask: This mask transforms the wearer into a Gibdo. As a Gibdo the player moves rather sluggish, suffering a -10% to evasion. The Gibdo also gains a Grapple melee attack. A Gibdo must pass a standard accuracy check to Grapple a single enemy. While Grappled, the target is Immobilized and the Gibdo deals 2x his/her damage (modified) over 3 turns to the Immobilized target. This ability may only be used once every 4 of the Gibdo’s turns. While the Gibdo is Grappling an enemy, he/she may not make any other attacking moves, but may chose to end the Grapple early. If the Grapple is ended early or cancelled by an enemy, the damage stops. In PvP, this Grapple only deals standard modified damage.In addition, he/she gains a Terror Shriek spell. Terror Shriek grants the Gibdo an AoE Stun that Stuns up to 4 enemy targets for two turns. This ability uses standard accuracy checks where each target must pass its own check, and may be used once every 6 of the Visimorph’s turns. In PvP, this Stun only lasts 1 turn.Rupee Cost: 300
  • Wizzrobe Mask: This mask transforms the wearer into a Wizzrobe. As a Wizzrobe, the Visimorph may convert all of his/her moves into either the Fire or Ice element at their choosing. All of his/her attacks deal standard damage as the respective element, but have a 10% chance to burn the target for damage equal to 50% of his/her Attack over 3 turns, or Freeze the target for 1 turn, respectively. As a Wizzrobe, all attacks count as ranged spells, regardless of whether or not the Visimorph uses melee weapons normally.Rupee Cost: 300

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