Patch Notes – 11.23.2015


-Skull Kid has been added as a playable race.


Added Skills

-Berserker T3 Skills have been added.

-Buccaneer T3 Skills have been added.

-Swashbuckler T3 Skills have been added.

-Dirge T3 Skills have been added.

-Troubador T3 Skills have been added.

-Skald T3 Skills have been added.

-Paladin T3.5 Skills have been added.

-Arcane Duelist T3.5 Skills have been added.

-Battlemage T3 Skills have been added.

-Ritualist’s T3.5 Skill, Channel Spirit, has been added.

-Analyst’s T3.5 and T4 Skills have been added.

-Visimorph’s T3.5 and T4 Masks have been added.

Modified Skills


-Shinobi’s Smoke Bomb’s Stealth component now only lasts 3 Rounds.

-Shinobi’s Shadow Strike’s Stealth component now only lasts 3 Rounds.


-Warrior’s Onslaught has had its accuracy reduction reduced to 15% from 20%.

-Warrior’s Combat Stances: Offensive Stance has had its damage boost reduced to 10% from 15% and converted into a total output damage modifier instead of damage bonus. In addition, the cooldown of switching stances has been reduced to 1 round down from 4.

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Eldin’s Crown Caverns – Volvagia Emerges

…The adventurers slowly pass through the large carved door into a new chamber, nearly-circular and far larger than the majority of the previous rooms in the volcanic cavern. A narrow path where the door rested led into a black stone platform, surrounded by a large pool of magma that cascaded through cracks in the chamber walls. Along the walls – impressively tall and framing the high-ceiling – a weathered carving of a serpentine dragon being slain by the stylized figures of Gorons created an impressive mural despite its time-worn fragmentation.

Once the last of the group files through the massive portal, the door suddenly and aggressively slams behind them, the heavy rock sealing shut and causing a violent enough shake to loosen a stream of magma from the walls, redirecting the flaming river into a curtain of molten rock that makes the doorway impassible. Ahead of them, atop the circular stage, twelve geysers suddenly spring to life, shooting pillars of flame that jettison high enough to nearly blaze the ceiling, illuminating the chamber in vivid orange before the fonts settle back into their recessed, rocky holes. Mere seconds later, an echoing hiss slithers through the massive theater, growing deeper and deeper in tandem with rumbling rocks as they begin to crumble off of the ceiling, narrowly missing the idle adventurers.

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Patch Notes – 10.11.2015


-Song of Storms has been removed from Songweaver.

-Replacing Song of Storms, the Dirge of Malediction has been added to the Songweaver’s kit. The skill functions as follows:

  • Dirge of Malediction: The Songweaver plays a disheartening dirge that hexes a target, causing them to take bonus damage equal to 15% of the Songweaver’s Competency Score each time they are struck for 3 rounds. This skill may be cast once every 8 rounds.


-The Music Box House has been added, where songs can be bound to instruments. Check it out here: Music Box House.

-The Tier 4 Armory has been added.

-The Tier 4 Weapon Shop has been added.

-The Enchantment Shop has been added. Check it out here: Enchantment Shop.

-The Auction House has been added. Check it out here: Auction House.

-Harp has been renamed to Lyre.

-Bell has been replaced by the Violin.

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Patch Notes – 7.29.2015


-Beedle’s inventory has been rotated.

-The Tier 3 Weapon Shop has been added.

-The Tier 3 Armory has been added.


-Immobile has been added to Crowd Control effects.

-A new Combat Rotation guide has been added in Site Information.

-Surprise/Sneak Attack formulas were added to Advanced Combat Information. The formula is as follows:

  • Surprise Attacks follow the same formula as Sneak, but do not suffer armor penalties. If a Surprise Attack succeeds, it is an automatic critical hit! Generally the GM determines whether or not a Surprise Attack can qualify, and generally only one Surprise Attack can occur per fight since other enemies are alterted and can no longer be Surprised. On occasion a player must Sneak first before they attack, which counts as a Sneak Attack instead. Sneak Attacks follow the Sneak formula – including armor penalties – but the player automatically attacks with a critical hit if they pass their Sneak check.
  • Both Surprise and Sneak Attacks may be done as a Team Attack. The players’ Sneak skills are combined and take the standard Team Attack success penalty. If the players pass the Team Sneak Attack, their Team Attack criticals.

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Ab Consilium versus Order of Darklight


The Nayru guild of scholars Ab Consilium has challenged the Din guild of twilight Order of Darklight to war!

After rocky relations between the Order of Darklight and Ab Consilium, war has officially been declared at the Order’s doorstep. Ab Consilium’s intent is full destruction of the rival guild, intending to collapse it from the inside. The forum-canon War Arc begins with Ab Consilium’s infiltration of the Order of Darklight within the Twilight Realm.

This war is forum-wide canonical, and features a more in-depth storyline than a standard guild war.

Status: Concluded

Keep up with the War Arc here.

GMed by: Spookypatrol [Delia]

Public Dungeon – Snowpeak Ruins

Snowpeak Ruins

Snowpeak offers little in the way of hospitality, the harsh blizzards bringing even the most seasoned adventurers to their knees. Amid the frozen wasteland, a lone building stands – a chateau of old – in rather poor condition, yet still charming in appearance. The building lies perched between two sheer cliffs, a stone bridge nearly covered in snow the only readily-accessible means of reaching the chateau’s front doors. Although parts of the ceiling are visibly caved in and much of the building looks as though it is on the verge of further collapse, the snow cleared from the entry pathway and a few lights visible from the windows suggest the old mansion may still be inhabited.

Snowpeak Ruins is a public, PbP (forum-wide) canon Level 17 scaling dungeon. The dungeon is still accepting new players.

For more information, please visit the forums here.